Thomas Hobohm

Denton, Texas
(682) 802-9046

Known For

Winning HackUTD
Attending eMerge
Founding Dashin

Fluent In

C/C++ - Algorithms
Python - Flask, Kivy
JavaScript - ES6, Node.js, React
HTML/CSS - Materialize, SASS
Ruby - Rails

Hobohm passionate about design, discourse, and aesthetic

I am a passionate computer scientist with experience in web development, desktop software development, and algorithmic analysis. My experience includes directing design and development for full-stack web applications, contributing to popular open-source repositories, and writing API integrations. In the programming realm, I specialize in Python, Ruby, C++, and Node.js. I believe learning to program unlocks potential, so I help run and teach local software development outreach programs. I also enjoy learning Chinese, playing Chess, and listening to music. I was a member of the Tech Wildcatters Emerge Program, where I combined my oral skills and development experience to work on lifesaving applications for first-responders.


University of North Texas - 2016-2018

I major in Computer Science with a 4.0 GPA. I'm heavily involved in the Computer Science Organization, Chess Club, PCs2Prosper, and Research.

Southlake Carroll - 2014-2016

I specialized in STEM with a >4.0GPA. I was heavily involved in the Debate Club, Chess UIL, the Computer Science Club, and Chinese Language and Culture club.

Employment History

Volunteer Frontend Engineer - HackDFW

At HackDFW, I build interactive experiences driving Hackathon engagement for Earthhack, and direct the architecture of a full-stack web application.

Integrations Engineer - Astronomer

At astronomer, I develop tools for integrating data with astronomer's platform and connecting various APIs with ES6 and Node.

Volunteer Technician - PCs2Prosper

PCs2Prosper is a non-profit organization that takes in donated computers, usually from commercial ventures, refurbishes them, and then works to place them where they are most needed, either in the classroom or in the living room. As a volunteer, I helped restore computers and enabled underpriveleged students to access technology.

Student Intern - xREZ Art + Science Lab

I research computer science and political science at xREZ Art + Science Lab. I am part of teams building interactive art exhibits and speculative political projects. I learn about civil discourse, star catalogs, and software development.

Programming and Mathematics Teacher - Zaniac

At Zaniac, I taught younger children introductory skills in Programming through game modding and Scratch. I gained experience in the classroom environment and teaching responsibilities.

Software Development Intern - Speech Soft Solutions

While working at Speech-Soft Solutions, the applications I developed focused on advanced text-parsing with complex data-structures, back-end web development with custom file protocols, and front-end development with popular frameworks (such as Bootstrap).


Slate - Ruby, Rails, Materialize

Slate is a beautifully designed tool empowering educators to build interactive curriculum for their classes.

Fortify - Ruby, Rails, Amazon S3, Semantic UI

Fortify is a beautifully designed exercise and workout-tracking tool. It helps people stay fit by storing their workouts and creating workout pages complete with timers and tracking buttons. Fortify was programmed with Ruby on Rails, hosted on Heroku.

PocketBox - Ruby, Rails, Amazon S3, Semantic UI

PocketBox creates dynamic, "dropbox-like" rooms for sharing files among groups. Users can create and name a "room", and then share the randomly generated code assigned to their room with others. Anyone with access to the room code can access the room from the website. There, they can download and upload files. Pocketbox was programmed using Ruby and Rails, with Amazon S3 to store the files.

DarkPython - Python, wxPython, PDB

DarkPython is an education-focused IDE programmed in pure Python. It was made with the student in mind and is easy to use. DarkPython includes dynamic syntax highlighting and a custom Python debugger. In order to make DarkPython, I had to work with Multithreading, language parsing, low-level Python debugging hooks.